With Autumnal Equinox we organized the Summer School on the 26th and 27th of September at PZH, Leibniz University Hannover to get to know our team members' projects and research work more closely and learn something new.

With a small introduction of the SPP 2100 coordinators, Mr. Wiese, Mr. Bartholdt, and Ms. Bertholdt introduced and presented their project SMART Toolbox.  

Afterward, we took our participants for a Lab Visit at the Institute for Product Development and Device construction, where they were introduced to various micro and other materials, and how they are used in car seats. On the Same day, our participants were introduced to another project Material Sciences for Soft Robotics in which participants were introduced to and explained various materials available to us, which are the most suitable for soft robotics, and how they can be used using different methods and techniques. Then, they were given a presentation on Stretchable Electrode Materials and Manufacturing for Dielectric Elastomer Actuators in which our participants got to know how magnetic ink can be helpful and what are the easiest ways to use it.

On the next day, we had a full-day workshop on Machine Learning by Niklas Terei. The aim was to learn something new, and the participants were also excited and wanted to discover more after it ended. We then went on to different lab visits, where our participants got to know about the various new methods for material recycling, material research machines, and many more new types of equipment.  The Lab visits included IMPT, IKK, and IDS.

We would like to thank all the participants who made this event successful with their presence and wish them good luck with their projects.

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