SPP2100 team at RoboSoft 2024 Conference with Ground-breaking Innovations and Notable Victories

The SPP2100 DFG Priority Programme made a remarkable participation at the RoboSoft 2024 conference, held in San Diego, California, USA.

RoboSoft 2024 Winning Team, comprised of Anna, Ditzia, Lucía, Miriam, and Lisa (from left to right)

This year's event brought together leading experts and enthusiasts in the field of soft robotics, offering a platform for ground-breaking research, innovative demonstrations, and valuable discussions. The SPP2100 group took part in numerous activities within the conference as part of the organizing committee, with outstanding paper publications, plus an outstanding participation in the manipulation competition.

The SPP2100 team achieved a notable victory in the "Manipulation Challenge" at the RoboSoft 2024 conference. This challenge required participants to develop a soft gripper capable of delicately handling fragile fruits without causing any damage. The task involved transferring fruit from a basket to a plate with precision and careful positioning, highlighting the gripper's effectiveness and the team's engineering prowess

The team was conformed by the bachelor students Lucía Flores Sarco, Anna E. Leal, Miriam Walter and Lisa K. Kesting with the supervision of the PhD Candidate Ditzia S. García Morales. The conformed team took particular pride in being an all-female group, a notable achievement in the predominantly male-dominated fields of robotics and engineering. The DFG Priority Programme SPP2100 supported the team's participation in the competition, underscoring its commitment to fostering young talent and providing practical experience in engineering and soft robotics.

Furthermore, our colleges Jan Peters and Ditzia S. García Morales took part on the organizing committee for the organization of the Late-Breaking Results format together with a new session for prototypes presentation. This format provided a dynamic platform for researchers to share their latest projects and demonstrate their innovations. Attendees were enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage directly with the researchers, gaining valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge developments in soft robotics. The positive feedback highlighted the success of this format, contributing significantly to the overall enrichment of the conference experience.

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