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Soft robotics for young minds

There is no age limit to learning. This was the main inspiration behind the workshop offered by Gauß AG in collaboration with the Institute of Assembly technology (match) on 19.10.2020.

The workshop's goal was to introduce young minds to the exciting new field of Soft Robotics and to familiarise them with the jargon. The workshop was held asynchronous online, allowing students from Germany and all over Europe to take part.

The workshop started with a brief introduction to Robotics and soft material systems. It continued with specific examples from the ongoing projects at the Institute. However, the highlight was when the students were taught how to make their own soft gripper. An experimental kit including Eco Flex 00-30 Silicon elastomer for the body, the required templates, and other essential materials was provided by the match Institute. The equipment was sent by post to the students before the workshop to work from home.

The workshop was successfully able to impart some basic knowledge about soft robots and give them a glimpse into the laboratory work through the experimental kit. This kept the students motivated throughout the workshop and gave them something to take with them for the future.

Link where they can find more about the event:

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